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The Recoverie Interiors

After working for the chief Rolling Stone photographer and Oprah Magazine in New York, and running her own successful jewelry design company there, Kimberly Atlas Harrington moved back to her roots, to Houston, TX where she founded The Recoverie in 2010 with the idea that well made furniture deserves another life. Things commonly cast off or thrown away could be revived, recovered & ultimately reinvented and installed in well designed, beautiful spaces. What started with a chair obsession and a few redone sofas quickly led Kimberly to desire comprehensive influence over entire spaces.

From a young age, Kimberly was prone to creatively crafting her interior spaces, changing out light fixtures and window treatments to her tastes as early as middle school. Influenced by her grandmothers’ highly eccentric flair for design on one side of the family, balanced by the traditional leanings of her mother and mother’s mother on the other, she manages to find common ground with most tastes while pushing the envelope for something fresh and inviting, creating a warm respite from the world in which to reside. Colorful, livable spaces with an air of luxury define the interiors cultivated by The Recoverie.

Kimberly is more than happy to provide mood boards & schemes for a room, layout & design of kitchens or master baths, or complete turn-key construction & renovation services.

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